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(Anti-)Apocalypticism throughout Antiquity

Short Papers 3 (Tue. 18.07.23, 13.30 – 14.30)

Session 1

Jenny Labendz (New York)

Post-Apocalypticism in Late Antiquity: A Contribution from Rabbinic Literature

Satoshi Otomo (Tokyo)

Kohelet der Anti-Apokalyptiker

Session 2

Ted Erho (München) Early Greek Apocalyptists
Arnaud Besson (Neuchatel) Roma Aeterna


Session 3

Florian Neitmann (Münster)

Lost and Found in Translation: The Images of the Righteous in 4 Ezra 7:122, 125 as a Case Study on Competing Methodologies and Transcultural Traditions

Tanja Forderer (Tübingen)

The Last Battle: Acts 19:11-21 and the Rider on the White Horse