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(Anti-)Apocalypticism throughout Antiquity

Short Papers 2 (Mon. 17.07.23, 17.00 – 18.30)

Session 1

Emily Pothast (Berkeley)

Aural Performance and Prophetic Rivalry in the Media Culture of John’s Apocalypse

Kampotela Luc Bulundwe (Geneva / Regensburg)

Promotion of Wine, Marriage and Submission to Temporal Authorities: Is 1 Timothy an Anti-apocalyptic Text?

Jan Heilmann (München)

The Relevance of the Intended Audience of Apocalyptic Texts for Reconstructing

(Anti-)Apocalypticism in Antiquity

Session 2

Sarah Wisialowski (Oxford)

Ending Days and Overcoming Time: Reading Daniel 10–12 with Apocalypse

Kishiya Hidaka (Zürich)

Is Daniel among the Deuteronomists?

Session 3

Arco den Heijer (Kampen)

The Use of Apocalyptic Discourse in Philo’s Philosophical Treatise De Providentia I

Alon Deutsch (Tel Aviv)

Apocalyptic Reading of Aeneid 6: Some New Observations Concerning Aeneas' Katabasis

Ari Finkelstein (Cincinnati)

Jews in John Malalas’ Anti-apocalyptic Message